Apex Missers

Events Daytona 24H 23 Jan 2021 Start 14:00

Tombola Nights 29 Jan 2021 20:00-…. Register here
The ApexMissers is founded in 1981 with the birth of Martijn. It took him 38 years to grow up to a somewhat responsible adult focussing on what is important in life; iRacing. His main achievement in life is coming up with the name the Apex Missers because he likes the game Apex legends. In April 2020 through a not to mention forum, Martijn, Joeli, Joepi, Johnny, Jasper, Tobias and Vincent joined up to race the virtual 24h of Le Mans. What started as a fun race ended up in a friendship. Shortly later Emiel joined the group and as he is just as mad as the rest, it was like he has always been there, like furniture..;) Apparently crazy attracts crazy (brilliance and crazy lies close to each other right?) Because the ApexMissers are recently being completed by Sven and Rob.
So who we are? We are iRacing, racing, gaming and banter enthusiasts, with a focus on iRacing, racing, gaming and banter. Our motto is “Look Pro, Go Slow” and “Hold Your Line, You’ll Be Fine” We race competitive in mainly tintop cars like GT3, GTE and Porsche Cup. Every month we set up the infamous Tombola Nights where our racing friends choose a car and track for this event, after a nice shuffle of cars and tracks a unique combination is chosen and after a short practice there will be a fun but fair race. If you’d like to join, you can sign up on the left side of this page in the events section.